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What equipment I'm using?

Interesting what camera and lenses I'm using ?

As a photographer, equipment is most important in my job, as they help me to deliver best image quality and no matter how far or close the subject is, I still able to catch what I'm looking for.

Please meet my main camera. Canon 7D Mark II.

Canon 7D Mark IIMy main camera of capturing weddings, portraits.

It's fast, durable, able to take pictures in low light, and yes it's a monster, can shoot in any weather condition, it's a bit heavy but that's not an issue as long as results are high end.

You can check my portfolio and you will notice that most of my pictures has been taken with my 7D M2.

Probably you will ask if I do a back up camera. Mmm, yes I do. Here's my little monster. Canon M50.

My M50My little monster ready for action, just click it.

It's pretty small and not heavy as my main camera Canon 7D M II, but it does amazing job as well. The menu is amazing and does have lot's of options for lots of compositions and situations. I like this camera for travel as it's smaller and I can also attach any EF lenses to this camera with additional adapter. So this little monster is ready to take pictures in any situation.


Lenses are the most important for a camera and they are the most expensive as they are the tool which are delivering super sharp images.

So I will start with my day to day lens EF-S 18-200 F3,5 IS. I'm using this lens day to day, and I can say that the image quality is good enough. This lens I'm using indoors and outdoors sometimes, also depends on weather as well.

Meet my workhorse lens Canon 70-200 f2.8 II IS L, this lens is the best made canon lens, I been used this lens since I purchased it, and I never been dissapointed of image quality. It's very heavy lens as it's a lot of glass inside, so most of time I'm using this lens for portraits and weddings, to get amazing and sharp pictures. You can easy check on my website easy on each picture apart with what lens and camera I been taken the picture.

My an other workhorse lens is Canon 70-300 L IS. This lens is designed more for wildlife and birding due to extra reach. This is a telephoto lens which does help me to catch any moments from distance without disturbing the subject. It's heavy as well, but quality is amazing, same quality as my 70-200 f2,8. The image quality is the same perfect.

Canon EF-S 10-18mm F/4.5-5.6 IS STM, most of time I'm using it for shooting landscape, and properties as wide angle lens and I can fit a of drama in pictures . Is small, light and good lens for traveling.

Also for low light situations, like indoors or if there is not enough light outdoors, I'm using my Canon Speedlite 600EX-II RT Flash, it superb piece of kit, and does the job if need extra natural light.

Do you have any tripods ? Yes totally I do, even if I don't use it often, I still have it, for shooting landscape, timelapse. I'm using Manfrotto Befree Aluminum Travel Tripod, it's small and it's lightweight and it's good kit for travelling.

My tripodStable, lightweight and reliable for travelling.
Vasili J

Vasili J
London, United Kingdom