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My Style

Hello there. Probably you will ask what's my Photography Style, is that right? If yes, then you will find the answer here.

My style is creativity, colors and a bit of documentary, I really like to mix styles, so at the end there are various images with different composition and effects.

How colorful can be a picture? It can have a lot of colors, but yes not to bright as this can make the picture to look not at high end retouching or editing.

I like to give to the pictures colors and sometimes a bit of sadness, as life is not always a rainbow.

You can check here some colorful pictures:


What's the purpose of colorful images ?

The purpose is to give a better composition and a bit of more life to the photos, as they should last forever in our memories.

You also can check here, what equipment I'm using to get best image quality.

Vasili J

Vasili J
London, United Kingdom